James Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic DesignerJames Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic Designer

Calista Flockhart

8″ x 12″ Signed in 1998 through the mail

Full name: Calista Flockhart
Date of Birth: November 11th 196x [Calista chooses to keep the year of her birth a secret. The 3 rumored dates are 1963, 1964, and 1965
Family: Kay Flockhart [mother], Ronald Flockhart [father], Gary Flockhart [Brother]
Place of birth: Freeport, ill
Height: 5 foot 5
Weight: 102lb
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Schools: Shawnee High-School [Medford, NJ], Rutgers University [NJ]

Just because she looks delicate, don’t underestimate Calista Flockhart. She’s shy, but she’s always measured up, from doing what she had to to win friends as a teenager, to telling the press where to go over an Ally related controversy.

Calista Flockhart sits on top of her world. She’s the title character in the Fox TV blockbuster Ally McBeal. Her film career has taken off, with better roles being offered increasingly. And the stage, where she was trained, always beckons. “I don’t know if (Ally) is where I want to be forever,” she told Harper’s Bazaar’s Alex Kuczynski. “It’s just a step…another segment in my life…I could become a housewife. Or I could become president.”

There’s no doubting Calista’s courage. Although, like her television character Ally, she’s prone to self-doubt and criticism, she always forges ahead. Like the near- decade she spent struggling in New York before her “big break.” Or the way the lithe and small- boned actress faces her toughest critics, for instance, looking straight into the camera on the Dave Letterman show recently and saying in her uniquely dignified tones, she’d like to tell all the reporters who keep suggesting she might have an eating disorder “to kiss my skinny white ass.”

It was said in jest. But she meant it too. She’s basically a private person, she stresses, perhaps made that way, because of the constant moving as a child as her Kraft- executive father climbed the corporate ladder. It was hard to form lasting relationships when she knew she’d be leaving. On the other hand, she learned to get involved quickly. She joined the band in junior high school in upstate New York, and became a cheerleader in high school in Medford, NJ. “I was very passionate,” she says. “When our team would lose, I would cry.”

This vulnerable passion is a controversial hallmark of her Ally character. Time magazine asked in a featured article if Ally, as a model for the contemporary professional working woman, wasn’t sounding the deathknell for Feminism. Calista disagreed: “To say that our generation has no feminists, that all we have is Ally McBeal, is just crap,” she told TV Guide. “Feminism does exist and I challenge those who say it doesn’t.” Proving her point, she recently appeared on stage with fellow actresses Winona Ryder, Glenn Close, Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Perez to recite sections of the Obie Award-winning play, The Vagina Monologues, a feminist action if there ever was one.

If anybody besides herself is to be credited with Calista’s success, it’s her family. She’s still close with her mother, a former English teacher, and father, now retired. Both always supported her in her desire to be an actress. And older brother Gary even sent her a case of ravioli to live on when her aspiring career wasn’t going so well. The family used to spend summers in Iowa, where her grandparents lived. Her first name comes from her great-grand mother and is Greek meaning “most beautiful,” a title the wispy blondish-brunette has been christened with by more than one magazine.

Calista, single, lives with her mixed-breed Terrier, “Webster,” in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles. The dog is the focus of her personal life and is usually with her on the Ally set. “I wouldn’t be able to have a child now,” she told Harper’s Kuczynski. “Not while I’m working so hard on a TV show. When I have a baby, I want to be there with it. I want to watch it grow up.” Right now, she says, that’s the hard choice she’s had to make, a choice, she adds with emphasis, that men never have to make.

She’s recently been linked romantically with Ben Stiller, whose Something About Mary was a hit last summer. But Stiller told the Los Angles Times “I don’t talk about that.” And Calista certainly isn’t. She doesn’t even like to tell people her age. “I like that to be a mystery,” she told US Magazine. “I’ve dated a couple of guys where I’ve not told them how old I am. Ever…I’ve broken up with them and they still don’t know.” They think they do, but the records are wrong, she says. “I’ve never once told anyone how old I am.”

One of her peeves is being condescended to: “Because I’m small and soft-spoken, people think that I’m fragile,” she told Rochlin. “And submissive and subservient. And for some reason they think, oh, we need to protect her, we need to take care of her…Don’t underestimate me…People pat me on the head, and I go to myself, oh, and aren’t they going to be surprised.”