James Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic DesignerJames Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic Designer

Dee Wallace Stone

8″ x 10″ Signed April 25, 2003 at Chiller Theatre Expo, E. Rutherford, NJ

Dee Wallace Stone never left her native Kansas City, Kansas until 1975, after teaching a year of high school and directing four plays. The day she landed in New York City, she auditioned for Hal Prince and made it successfully to the finals. It is there she learned the value of singing lessons after a humiliating rendition of Happy Birthday, and proceeded to study vigorously. This paid off during a successful run in “Annie Get Your Gun” at The Starlight Theater in 1983.

Stumbling into an open audition for the Milliken Show in New York, Dee used her years of dance training and confidence as a ballet soloist to win a part in the multimillion dollar industrial with Gwen Verdon and Bobby Morse. It also won her an equity card, and her “professional” career was off.

While studying with Uta Hagen, Dee racked up over 30 commercials and her SAG card. Several more industrials took her to Los Angeles, where the welcome was really positive, and she decided to stay. It is there that she found her mentor, Charles Conrad, and her acting career began to take off. Several day parts were acquired after baking cookies for interviews. Finally her first guest star role in “Police Woman”, and the lead in a religious production, gained enough film to secure a theatrical agent. After many guest star parts, she landed the role of “The Hooker” in “Lou Grant”, which lead directly to “May Lewes” in “10”, Movies of the week, “The Howling” and of course a little film called “E.T.”, followed by Stephen King’s “Cujo” with “Secret Admirer” on its heels.

Dee continues to work on new and interesting projects. She spent the last month in South Africa filming “Pirates of the Plain”, in which she stars with Tim Curry. Some of her most recent work can be seen now on video, specifically her wild turn in Robert Zemeckis’ “The Frighteners”, in which she stars with Michael J. Fox.