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Dr. Joyce Brothers

Dr. Joyce Brothers8″ x 10″ Signed in 1996 through the mail

For 30 years Dr. Joyce Brothers, who is a New York State licensed psychologist, has been the dean of American psychologists. Dr. Brothers, who is an NBC Radio Network personality, is also a noted psychologist, columnist, author, business consultant, wife and mother.

For six years Dr. Brothers has been listed in George Gallup’s poll of the “most admired women.” A United Press International Poll named her one of the 10 most influential American women, and a survey conducted by the Greenwich College Research Center, listed her among the 10 most admired by college students. Still another poll, conducted by Good Housekeeping magazine to find “Women in the World Most Admired” by women, ranked Dr. Brothers in a 10th place tie with Golda Meir of Israel.

Dr. Brothers broadcasts on the NBC Radio Network Mondays through Fridays.

Dr. Brothers is a regular columnist for Good Housekeeping magazine and writes a daily column that is published in more than 175 newspapers. Her legendary books have been translated into 26 languages. They include The Practical Plan for Liking Yourself Better; Positive Plus: How To Get What You Want Out of Life; The Successful Woman; Widowed; Better Than Ever; What Every Woman Should Know About Love and Marriage; What Every Woman Should Know About Men; Woman; and 10 Days to a Successful Memory.

As a consultant to the business world, Dr. Brothers creates and performs in films and seminars designed for corporate personnel training programs. She has been a frequent guest on network television programs and is a commentator for A Current Affair and the CBS-TV News in Los Angeles.

For six years she was a faculty member of Hunter College and Columbia University in New York and now is a frequent guest lecturer at universities across the country.

Dr. Brothers is a graduate of Cornell University and received her Ph.D. from Columbia University. Dr. Brothers resides in New York City.