James Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic DesignerJames Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic Designer

Erin Gray

20″ x 20″ Signed October 2001 at Chiller Theatre Expo, E. Rutherford, NJ

For five years on nightly network NBC TV, Erin Gray was the American public’s image of the ideal woman. Her Kate in Silver Spoons managed to have it all — marriage, family, and business career. And for the two years before that she had redefined our public image of the beauty with brains, when Buck Rogers in the 25th Century became a hit series, her sleek, sophisticated Colonel Wilma became a role model, and Erin Gray became a household word.

Erin’s success as the face that launched some of America’s most glamorous beauty products was already legendary before she made the dramatic career change from model to actress. She was the original I’m Worth It woman for L’Oreal, one of the first Sports Illustrated models, the Maxi Girl for Max Factor, and the Bloomingdale’s spokeswoman for ten years. So it was no surprise that she made her acting debut in a starring role, in the critically acclaimed television mini-series Evening in Byzantium. Ms. Gray continued to develop her style in starring roles in many Movies-Of-The-Week, including Born Beautiful, Starman, Laker Girls, Coach of the Year, Police Story, and Code of Vengeance, as well as, starring opposite Kenny Rogers in the Feature Film Six Pack.

All of this was perfect preparation for Silver Spoons, in which Ms. Gray met and mastered the triple-challenge of the television sitcom — comedy, television, and live audiences, — and at the same time broke every previous type casting stereotype. She further honed her live audience skills by doing theater, performing leading roles in California Suite and Six Rooms River View, and not only achieving critical success with Social Security, but bringing audiences to their feet with standing ovations. In the summer of ‘97 Erin starred in the play ’La Moure N.D. 58458’ at ‘The Bitter Truth Theater in Los Angeles, as part of the cutting edge NoHo Arts Festival. And her on-line interview appears at http://www.tv-now.com.

In ’99 Erin completed filming 3 feature films, a cameo role in “The Last Producer” with Burt Reynolds, a starring role in the independent feature film, A Woman’s Story, and “Social Misfits” protraying the mother of a teenage girl who commits suicide. Erin also recurred in the daytime drama “Port Charles” as the cold narcissistic Nicole Devlin, Julie Devlin’s mother.

Currently Erin is filming a recurring role on NBC’s “Profiler” portraying Congresswoman Karen Archer and Robert Davi’s love interest. A few days after completion, Erin is off to Vancouver, Canada to begin a wonderful suspense thriller feature, “Once In A Blue Moon”.

Ms. Gray co-starred in Movies of the Week Breaking Home Ties with Jason Robards, “The Avenging Ace”, and “Addicted To His Love” opposite Barry Bostwick. In four fascinating roles Ms. Gray was again able to express her versatility and range. In an intriguing psychological episode of the USA cable mystery series “The Hitchhiker”, she plays a psychotic killer. In another she plays the evil duchess opposite John Rhys Davies in Oscar Wilde’s classic “The Princess and the Dwarf.” In a third, she plays a brilliant and twisted femme fatal in Dark Justice. And, in the fourth role, “Dancers of Mozambique”, Erin’s character, an American writer who is desperately tries to finish her latest novel while hiding out in a French Chateau, becomes involved in murder mystery in a hilariously funny farce starring opposite France’s leading comedic actor Thierry Le Hermite.

In the early to mid 90’s Erin starred in three feature films, Jason Goes To Hell, Dangerous Place and T-Force, as well as, the first original movie for the USA/Sci-Fi Networks, Official Denial, and Honor Thy Father and Mother, the controversial Fox-produced film of the Menendez trial, in which she played the intense prosecutor, Pam Bozanich. Recent guest-starring roles were in the CBS MOW Crowfoot, the series Heaven Help Us, and the very popular Baywatch, as ‘Chief Monica Johnson’.

In addition to raising two children, Erin and partner Mara Purl have co-written Act Right, a professional guide for actors. Erin and her husband the noted Cinematographer Richard Hissong are currently producing a video on one of her favorite subjects, Chi Kung & Tai Chi.

Possessing a highly developed sense of public service, Ms. Gray, as spokesperson and board member for Haven House, the oldest battered women’s shelter in the U.S., co-produced & wrote PSAs with Women In Film. She also takes time out of her busy schedule to host such programs as Lifetime Cable’s Drug and Alcohol Intervention Program, to give motivational speeches for Athletes and Entertainers for Kids, to speak at seminars across the country regarding stress management, how to find balance in a hectic world, and to speak out against domestic violence. Erin also teaches Chi Kung &Tai Chi classes at UCLA & for donations for the Theatre of Hope for Abused Women. Erin is the recipient of six community service awards, such as The Leadership Award by the County of LA & The Guardian Angel Award from Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, the YWCA’s Women of Achievement’s Award of Distinction and the 1999 Women’s Peacepower Media Award.