James Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic DesignerJames Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic Designer

Jim Fowler

8″ x 10″ Signed in 1997 at Rockefeller Center, New York, NY

Jim Fowler, one of the world’s best-known naturalists, has presented information about wildlife and the wilderness to the American public on television for more then 30 years. He first served with Marlin Perkins as co-host and later became host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. He also hosted Mutual of Omaha’s Spirit of Adventure in addition to ongoing appearances at schools and wildlife organizations around the country.

Spokesperson for the Natural World
Jim graduated with degrees in zoology and geology from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and is internationally recognized as an authority on predatory birds. He pursued a graduate degree by conducting the first studies of the world’s largest eagle, the harpy, in the wilds of the Amazon, and later tracked the movements of the Andean condor in Peru. His studies were interrupted by a career in travel and television. Since then he has worked with many wildlife and conservation projects throughout the world. He recently was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, from Earlham College. Educator and Spokesperson, Jim’s goal is to be an effective spokesperson for the natural world and to find new ways of reaching families and children so that wildlife and wilderness are important to their lives. His first book, Jim Fowler’s Wildest Places on Earth, was published by Time-Life and Mutual of Omaha’s Wildlife Heritage Center in the fall of 1993.

Because of his extensive knowledge of animals and their behaviors, Jim was involved in the making of Disney’s blockbuster hit, The Lion King. He brought live animals into the studio for the animators to observe and draw and gave lectures on animal movement.

Jim is president of the Fowler Center for Wildlife Education in New York, and has served on the board of the Explorers’ Club for 12 years. He recently received the prestigious Explorers’ Club Medal, the club’s highest honor, placing Jim in the company of Charles Lindbergh, Jane Goodall, Teddy Roosevelt and Neil Armstrong.

Global Communications for Conservation (GCC) presented Jim with the 1995 Safari Planet Earth award for his outstanding achievements in caring for our planet.

The National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc., also awarded Jim with its highest achievement award, the Gold Seal, in recognition of his contributions to environmental causes.

Jim also sits on the boards of the Explorers’ Club, Friends of Conservation, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, and Global Communications for Conservation. With GCC’s support, he has recently founded O.W.L., a national organization for professional wildlife lecturers that sets standards for this important educational method.

Through the Wildlife Heritage Center, he is a frequent guest and speaker at fundraising events throughout the country — supporting zoos, nature science centers, conservation organizations, and state and federal wildlife agencies.