James Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic DesignerJames Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic Designer

Tiffany Shepis

8″ x 10″ Signed April 19, 2002 at Chiller Theatre Expo, E. Rutherford, NJ

Height : Five foot three inches (5’3″)
Weight : One hundred and ten (110)
Hair Colour : Brown
Eye Colour : Green

Bloody Murder 2–Lead–Director [Rob Spera]
Titan of Saturn–Lead–Director [J. Johnson]
Ted Bundy Movie–Lead–Director [Matthew Bright]
Dark Woods–Lead–Director [David DeFino]
Man vs. Woman–Lead–Director [Juan Carlos Vargas]
Heavy Black Smoke Stack–Lead–Director [James Mazzullo]
Lying Alone–Lead–Director [Jason Handler]
The Dance–Lead–Director [Anat Dotan Karlin]
WWF Comedy–Lead–Director [Michael D. Fox]
Everything (EFAR)–Lead–Director [Vlasi Parlapanides]
Dwarves of Our Lives–Lead–Director [Pico Ray]
Scattered Limbs–Lead–Director [John Vincent Vargas]
Shampoo Horns–Lead–Director [Manuel Toledano]
Generation X–Lead–Director [Ted. A. Bohus]
You’ll Never Wheeze–Supporting–Director [Pauly Shore]
Pretty Cool–Supporting–Director [Rolph Komensky]
Tromeo & Juliet–Supporting–Director [Lloyd Kaufman]
Some Fish Can Fly–Supporting–Director [Robert Pappas]

Edge TV (UK)–4Later – Channel 4–Guest Star/host
Six Feet Under–HBO–Supporting
FX (The Mans show)–FX Channel–Guest Star/host
Wild on the Riviera 98,99,00–E! Channel–Guest Star/host
On the Riviera 97 & 98–E! Channel–Guest Star/host
Sci–Fi Buzz–Sci-Fi Channel–Guest Star/host
American Journal–Guest Star/host
Tromaville Cafe Monthly Series–Guest Star/host
HBO Documentary–Guest Star/host

Conkers Bad Fur Day–Nintendo–Director [Sean Kandohla-Mullens]

Britney Spears–’Strong’–Double/Stand In–Director [Joseph Kahn]
Britney Spears–’Lucky’–Double/Stand In–Director [Dave Meyers]
Sisko–’Dance With Me’–Lead Dancer(?)–Director [Unknown]
Run D.M.C.–Lead Dancer–Director [Dave Meyers]
Offspring–Lead Dancer–Director [Dave Meyers]
WuTang Clan–Lead Dancer–Director [Joseph Kahn]
Lil Zane–Lead Dancer/Wrestler–Director [Dave Meyers]
D’Generation–Lead Dancer–Director [Chris Aplebaum]
Yvonne–Lead Dancer–Director [Chase Lynch]

Also Seen In: Details “00”, Maxim “99”, Bizarre “99”, Premiere “98”, Time Out NY “98”, The Hollywood Reporter “98”, Femme Fatale “97”, Fangoria “96”, Dark Side UK “96”, Armacord Italy “96”. Numerous other international magazines.

Audition/Film Technique–David Preston–Studio City, CA
Commercial Print Media Class–Scott Powers–New York, NY
Film Technique–Scott Powers–New York, NY
On Camera Film Technique–Madeline Burns–New York, NY • Eve Battaglia/Warner Bros.–New York, NY