James Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic DesignerJames Lucas: MBA in Marketing and Senior Graphic Designer

Tracy Lords

20″ x 20″ Signed October 2001 at Chiller Theatre Expo, E. Rutherford, NJ

The new millenium is proving to be a coming out party for actress TRACI ELIZABETH LORDS. She received the Best Actress award at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival for her starring role in the romantic comedy “Chump Change,” which will be released by Miramax/Dimension. The just-completed film “City of Masks” in which she also stars has been picked up for distribution by Columbia Tri-Star. And, she starred in the enormously popular Sci-Fi Channel adventure series “First Wave” (executive produced by Francis Ford Coppola). Lords shone in the role of Jordan Radcliffe, the mysterious and sexy leader of a militia force known as the “Raven Nation” that was fighting off the alien invasion of Earth.

“First Wave” creator Chris Brancato says, “Lords has the right combination of substance and sexiness. Traci is the perfect person for this role.” Lords remarked, “My character is out fighting for humanity. It’s great to play a role where you’re trying to save the world.”

Lords is quickly gaining a reputation as television’s sci-fi heroine, having co-starred on NBC’s “Profiler” and the Sci-Fi Channel’s “First Wave.” In fact, she is no stranger to television at all, having racked up an impressive run of guest-star appearances on such shows as “Nash Bridges,” “Tales from the Crypt,” “Wiseguy,” and “Married with Children,” along with recurring roles on “Melrose Place” and “Roseanne.” Her television movie credits include “As Good As Dead” with Judge Reinhold and Crystal Bernard, Stephen King’s “The Tommyknockers” starring Jimmy Smits and the HBO original production “Intent To Kill.”

Lords has also made quite a name for herself on the silver screen. She co-stars in two feature films coming this winter, “Chump Change” and “City of Masks.” Lords’ performance in “Chump Change” has already garnered her the Best Actress Award at US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. Her critically acclaimed turn as a vampire in the hit sci-fi/horror/action film “Blade,” starring Wesley Snipes was a revelation of Lords’ versatility. At 18, she began studying at the famed Strasberg Institute and was soon cast in her first feature film, Roger Corman’s sci-fi cult hit, “Not of This Earth.”

However, the film that garnered Lords the attention of the industry and elevated her to the level of an actress to be reckoned with was John Waters’ “Cry Baby,” in which she was cast opposite Johnny Depp. Other notable movie credits include Waters’ “Serial Mom,” “A Time To Die,” “Certain Guys,” and “Extramarital,” which Lords co-produced and starred in alongside Jeff Fahey and Brian Bloom.

Lords’ versatility is also reflected in her parallel career as a singer/songwriter. She made her recording debut as guest vocalist on the Manic Street Preachers’ “Little Baby Nothing.” Next came Traci’s “1000 Fires,” an album from Radioactive Records. This album yielded the hit dance single “Control,” which rose to #2 on the Billboard Charts. Lords completed the album with production assistance from Ben Watkins of England’s electronic pioneers Juno Reactor; Tom Bailey and Allanah Currie of popular ’80s group Thompson Twins; Keith Fernley of Babble; and Mike Edwards of Brit technopop sensations Jesus Jones. One of Lords’ songs made it onto the “Mortal Combat” soundtrack, which went double platinum. She also had the unique opportunity to combine her acting and singing careers by performing one of her own songs in the film, “Virtuosity.” The album, which Lords describes as a mixture of progressive electronic and techno music, received glowing reviews from critics. “Dance music is the future, and I have always believed in the future,” Lords says.

Lords is an Ohio native who resides in Southern California with her two cats: Sweet Pea and Malaki. In her spare time Lords applies the lessons from cooking classes by baking cookies and cakes for her friends and cast mates. In order to work off those calories it helps that Lords is a serious jock who stays fit by running, kayaking and studying Ninjitsu, a form of Ninja street fighting.